Layup un-manned vessel is worry for ship owners and operators again flooding due to hull breach. We implemented various float switches to cover Engine room bilges, pump room bilges, for peak store bilges and other potential area to monitor. Connected all these float switches to SMS based device to provide alert to vessel owner and operators. Also this will allow owner to pull bilge status by the owner and operator by sending sms to the device to get status. This give confident to the owner and operators that vessel is safe from flooding. Power we managed with solar panel and battery that allowed continue monitoring of un manned vessel.
One of vessel reported that when start IG blower vessel frequency swing so much that it goes on low frequency trip lead to black out. While starting IG blower vessel kept 2 generators on load so the load never exceeds rated load of the DGs, conformed no fuel starvation to Engine. Logically all were done correctly even than frequency dip problem never solved. Our engineer observed the situation on his visit, he requested CE to keep only one DG on load and try the blower. Every one of on board thought this is totally out of logic. But on his request, they did try with one alternator and it taken on load without any problem and there was not frequency dip or black out. All surprised and understood after that this was due to issues with air intake issue with alternator that could be anything from scavenge filter to reconditioning of Turbo charger. This diagnosis was appreciated by ship crew and ship owners. The clean eye on looking for problems and solutions
Few old models of Alternator AVR no more available in market, studied the system and substituted with the available AVR in market to make the alternator to work on full load and with proper voltage sharing in parallel.
Made the huge Deck air compressors by mistakenly bought the 50HZ compressor to work from 60HZ by implementing VFD and its settings
Designed and installed fixed vibration monitoring system for about 20 points on major motors to have the reading available in ECR as well trend collection – simple method used by installing sensors and 20 channel paperless chart recorder to have the reading.
Auto transformer start starts modified with soft starter to bring the same purpose of autotransformer, this allow vessel for easy sourcing parts and availability of machineries
Cargo oil pumps on tankers old panel retrofitted with Data acquisition system with alarms and trips. This allow vessel to maintain spares and repair support with ease.
Navigation Radar screen and controls extended to Capt. Office in order to monitor Radar from his office during off hours when in critical navigation area, this gives peace of mind to vessel master during such critical manoeuvring. This is done in house by using KVM switch to get the monitor and controls, very cost effective.
Given access of Engine alarm monitoring system from CE office using simple idea of TeamViewer on local network, this is very flexible many times during any critical situation when CE needs to be on constant look.
Temporary containerized gen set were need to be put on board, our team assisted in design and implement synchronization facility to main switch board so that without black out vessel can switch back and forth between deck generator and Engine room generator. All done with in house ideas and with general purpose gadgets and components
Substitute sensors to make the old fire alarms systems to operation. Original detectors are so costly it is not simple possible to maintain the system. Our team identified suitable sensor from market to make it working on old conventional fire alarm system. This save cost and maintainability of same system without replacing
Engine alarm monitoring system work stations are obsolete on many cases, we take those job, make clone of its hard disk, build new work station to replace the work station and provide one extra work station to vessel so no need to worry on replacing the entire system
Emergency Generator Engine control system was PLC based and some technician put password. There was need of PLC change out, our team assisted in cracking password, preserve the PLC program to rewrite program on new PLC to put in operation
Aalborg boiler ifix key is lost / damaged on board vessel. Without licence the system can run on demo mode 2 hours, vessel need to restart the system every 2 hours. It was not easy to manage the same key to match. Our team taken this job and sorted out and reverted back with alternate key to make it fully functional
Some of Tamrotor compressor controller goes bad , original controller is quite expensive it means value of money is not justified. We find suitable alternative, with simple change in wiring we brought all functions to the new ready available controller thus give flexibility to ship owners to maintain with easy
One vessel Air control system PLC basd system went bad, planning to bring original maker was not at all cost effective. Made new system and installed to make the air con system works with good control and better graphics – why panic, all air con compressors control and unloader more or less same so why to wait only from maker, why not do ourself ??
Implement SVDR / VDR on old ship not easy in interfacing, assisted several vessel to interface SVDR / VDR to attain its full capability
Many vsat comes with VSAT antenna and network cabinet. Between network cabinet and vsat antenna there is so much cable to run back and forth. Technician need for commisioning. We sourced 80Cm VSAT antenna that is fully integirated. It mens every component is part of vsat antenna itself what is needed is to give power and connect Network cable and start using it. This complete Vsat installation on board, no need of vendor assistance.
Gyro stabilised TV antenna Radom sourced and supplied to vessel for television program cost is less than 2KUSD and it works beautifull
Cargo control console valve indicator on tanker was with tiny analog indicators that often go our of bad or calibration or struck and so on, also calibration not only limited to this indicator it hase 3 steps of further calibraiton on valve, intermidiate convertor and indicator amplifier. We found solution to implemnt tiny digital 3 segment indicator and eleminated all the intermediate convertor and amplifire. This allowed calibration is at single point and the valve reading is in digital for easy know the valve open %
With the keep on addition of Radio navigation equipments on bridge it is not easy to maintain good equipment structure, all connected on temprory basis that gives often problamatic to vessel. We do clear all wiring, arrange all equipment so nicely, good connections and cabling thus make all system work trouble free. This required deep knowledge on every system to make this rewiring is possible
GPS based Gyro is implemented as a stand by Gyro for the conventional Gyro this give space for vessel owner to continue to sail when any Gyro fail at sea. Interfacing the GPS Gyrp also called satellite heading sensor with existing repeater is challenging job the same done with ease
1.2 meter small Radar implemented as stand by radar for emergency use, It is very cheap that will keep vessel safe in case any failure to the IMO Radars
Vessel PABX connected with INMARSAT phone with the special secreate code to access INMARSAT phone from any of the vessel PABX telephone. This is to allow vessel to make call from ECR to office or near machinary to office to discuss technical matters without loose time while observing the machineries to provide feed back to office or technicians. Also during Piracy attach this will allow vessel to call external parties from any phone. The job I so easy but the usage is very big
Infra red remote control generally line of sight, hence cannot be operated from differnet locaion. On board to control the centralised satellite receiver from the smoke room we implemented infra transmitter and receier – how this is done?? installed infrared receiver in smoke room near smoke room TV, exteneded the infrared receiver wire to satellite receiver and installed infrared transmitter on the window of satellite tv receiver. With this arrangeent people in smoke room can change channel on receiver which is in bridge? Made infrared remote control work from remote location. The job is so simple but the idea was appreciated and very much usable.
Diesel generator engine control system replaced with HMI based system with in house skills, cost effective easy implementation and spares availability
Implementation of Oxygen analyser on Boiler exhaust allow vesel to understand to tune combustion thus enhance boiler life and polution reduction, specially 2 boiler configuration having O2 analyser on each boiler exhaust is a good indication and also will help in tuning for IG Oxygen content.
Instead change whole temperature sensor for exhause gas, scavenge air temp, lube oil temp, for that matter any temperature sensor, we can change only the sensitive element so that cost is saved, quick delivery easy fix and so on, done on few projects
IG system controllers such as Deck main pressure controls, O2 recorder etc can be replaced with easy available products to reduce cost and for easy availability
>Vessel internal network technics, backup, storage, retrival, share folders and many ideas and suggestions and implementations. Scan all drawings to maintain on withing ship network as well in office for various refernce for trouble shooting, spares clarification enquiry and other useful
Using technic for watch rounds / patrol fire rounds for vessel. Watch keeper when go rounds (Deck and Engine) they will carry a electronic stic and point to the RFID token fixed at the various location on board to record their visit and come to control room, download the data and keep as watch rounds. This is to ensure that watch keeper rounds are recorded electronically to enahance the watch rounds more effective. Idea, sourcing and implementation is done